Why Blogger Outreach is an Important Strategy

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Technology is fast-changing and so is the business world. This makes it even more necessary to embrace every digital strategy when it comes to executing your marketing—and blogger outreach is one of them. It’s undeniable that bloggers have a great influence on the social media platforms—which obviously is frequented or utilized by most users (your potential customers). Using bloggers to market your products and services is one of the most effective ways to gain exposure.

Why? Most users listen to and tend to trust bloggers. In fact, even big brands use this strategy despite their already established state; and the best part is that it works for any size and type of business.

But just how do they do it? Bloggers craft genuine content about your services or products and then share it with their audience across the various social media platforms. It’s undeniably one of the most beneficial digital marketing strategies.

Indeed, the expert team and digital marketing firm, Neevee, shares the following thought:

“A robust outreach strategy builds a solid foundation for an effective marketing program.”

Here is why you should consider working with bloggers:

More Exposure

People look for information wherever they can get it but most of this activity takes place on the web and of course social media platforms. Most users will tend to develop trust and a “like” attitude for those bloggers they find valuable about the information they (the bloggers) offer—which is the reason for the great following and influence these bloggers have.

Technological advancements have since led to the massive utilization of the online information resources—with most buyers seeking for product information and reviews online before making the purchase decision. This is now where bloggers come in handy to offer them the much-needed information about the products—which of course should be genuine information or review for that matter considering that it’s what helps the users/buyers make informed decisions.

Working with bloggers will expose your products and services to a totally new audience—which then creates increased traffic and eventually increase in sales.

Direct Contact with Users

As earlier stated, most bloggers utilize social media platforms to relay information to their audience. This implies a direct approach considering that platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter provide for 24/7 interaction—which means that users get to interact with your products any time of the day. More product awareness can lead to increased sales.

High Ranking

Bloggers are influential people in their respective niches. Therefore, having your brand carried by these powerful individuals/sites will positively impact your site ranking which is a plus when it comes to increasing your traffic. As you know, Google works in favor of relevant and high-quality links.

Having the high-quality links link back to your site works to your advantage.


Want to build your brand as a starter or an established entrepreneur? Stress out no more. Blogger outreach is one of the surest ways to build your brand in the market with minimal upfront investment. What do I mean by this?

Depending on how you strike a deal with your preferred blogger, you can even end up having your product or service in the market with no upfront investment. You can agree to share the proceeds from the resulting sales, pay them in barter, or offer them a free trial of your service or goods.

However, consider bloggers (or influencers) who specialize in your area of interest to ensure that they offer information that’s relevant to your target audience. Also, remember that relationship building is key and comes before anything else. First, establish a strong relationship with your preferred blogger to ensure that you have a smooth work relationship as both of you get to reap the benefits.  

Author Bio: Deborah Tayloe is a digital content writer and regularly contributes to digital marketing agency Neevee. With over 25 years of experience in both B2B and B2C marketing and sales management, she enjoys sharing insights about marketing. When Deborah’s not writing, you will often find her working in her garden.