Traditional Marketing Techniques That Work Well on Social Media

Posted on: July 30, 2018, by :

The digital age of marketing descended on many advertising agencies and marketing teams like a ton of lobster bisque; creamy, but ultimately fatal. They scrambled to jettison the old tried-and-true marketing methods in favor of newer, flashy, paradigms and parameters. In the process digital marketers forgot how well the ancient basics of marketing had served them and enriched them.


It’s time to get back to some marketing basics; basics that will prove highly effective in the kaleidoscopic world of social media marketing:


The customer is always wrong


Treating your customers like dirt creates the well-known Stockholm Syndrome, where the more you abuse them the more they come to depend on you and want to come back for more. In fact, you may never have to sell them a darn thing — they’ll pay big bucks just for online chat insults!


You can never charge too much


Every flim flam man worth his prison stripes knows this old chestnut is true. Make the product ridiculously expensive and nearly impossible to obtain, and the world will come a-runnin’ to your Facebook site. As long as you label it a ‘limited edition’ (even if it’s just toilet paper) you can’t go wrong.


Lie through your teeth


Social media users expect to be lied to; they lie to others and to themselves consistently on Twitter and Instagram and Quora. So don’t just bend the truth a little when it comes to your product or service — just outright claim it cures cancer and that each dollar the customer spends on it goes straight to Save the Kittens or Buy Winter Coats for Alaskan Pines.