New Wrinkles in AI Marketing to Children

Posted on: July 27, 2018, by :

The triumph of Google’s Alexa has proven to be no flash in the pan. As more and more homes come to depend on the artificial intelligence of this new technology star, marketers are naturally growing more and more interested in learning how to exploit all AI apps in the home to advertise their wares.


Since children are the most open to suggestion when it comes to digital commercial promotions, the savvy marketer will zero in on junior whenever possible. Here are some suggested ways of doing just that (none of which have been tested or endorsed by anyone at any time — but go with us on this, will ya?)


Give Barbie a voice, with a marketing message. AI can respond to its environment, so that when Barbie senses tension she can suggest a soothing drink of Snapple. Or when Barbie gets thrown against a wall, she will cheerfully give the name and number of a nearby child psychiatrist.


The time has come to give each child a smart pillow. They’ll love the fact that when they put their downy cheeks on the pillow it begins to play soft lullabies for them, and then gradually whispers to them that if their parents aren’t feeding them Rice Krispies they don’t really love them.

Car seats with virtual reality are the obvious next thing. As soon as the little one is bucked snugly in, a hologram appears in front of them — with all sorts of fun products they can start screaming for as their parents drive serenely along the highway.