How Marketing and Sales Are Like Identical Twins

Posted on: July 17, 2018, by :

The close relationship between marketing and sales is as old as history itself. When the first caveman decided he wanted all those sharp and heavy rocks out of his cave, he went next door and convinced his neighbor that the rocks in his cave were a good investment. His neighbor, the dumb brute, immediately traded the wily marketer a fine saber tooth tiger pelt for the rocks and then went over and carried them out of that cave into his. The first sale had been made!


Today is no different. When a company has a product they need to move they first call on their marketing team to come up with a razzle-dazzle marketing plan and then have their sales team implement that plan to bring in the cold hard cash. The two teams work in tandem to unload . . . that is, to offer consumers a fine and useful product and/or service.


And the best way to keep these two essential teams working together in harmony is make them wear t-shirts that read “I’m with Stupid.” This may seem counterintuitive at first, but just think about it — when you’re with somebody stupid you tend to work harder and give clearer signals and directions. You also tend to feel very superior and want to keep your end up by showing how very smart you are.


So the next time the boss crashes your sales or marketing meeting, demanding better results, just shout as loud as you can “I’m with Stupid!”

You’ll be amazed at the results.