Blockchain to Revolutionize Digital Marketing

Posted on: July 19, 2018, by :

Marketers love blockchain; and blockchain loves marketers. This torrid romance is caused by blockchain’s new technology, which allows the retrieval and interpretation of data faster and better than ever before.


Building trust between marketers and consumers has always been a dicey proposition. Marketers are assigned items that they must get consumers to buy, no matter what. Consumers know this, and are leery of the fulsome promises issuing from marketers online.


But everybody trusts a blockchain platform. Even people who think the world is flat and that South America is somewhere off the coast of Nova Scotia believe in blockchain technology. That’s because the consumer is in control of his or her own personal information due to the decentralized nature of the blockchain platform — or lack of platform. The fact is that nobody knows where blockchains are located and there’s nobody running them or even cleaning their bathrooms. This frustrates hackers, who can’t get into something that isn’t there.


And blockchain technology is only the tip of the iceberg. Soon every marketing app and algorithm will become completely decentralized and not really exist anymore. Diffused throughout cyberspace, with no control or substance, the blockchain experience will prevent advertising fraud, boost data analysis, and find a cure for the heartburn of psoriasis. Consumers will have no reason to distrust marketers, because they won’t really exist anymore — having been sucked into the blockchain void like matter into a black hole.


The cycle of marketing life and the advertising seasons will blend into one coherent mass of cloud consciousness, as we all walk into the sunset of existence and dive into the ebbing tide of non-being. Please join me in the lotus position to begin chanting ‘OM’ for the next twenty four hours . . . .