4 Ways to Improve Your Instagram Marketing Results

Posted on: July 10, 2018, by :

Instagram just recently surpassed one billion monthly users worldwide, making it the second largest social media network, with only Facebook larger, which is the parent company of Instagram. Businesses that were early adaptors are experiencing wild success using the platform to market, while those late to the party are trying to get a piece of the action.

There are endless marketing and promotional opportunities for businesses on Instagram, from e-commerce stores to professionals such as life coach’s. To those not very familiar with Instagram’s reach and engagement potential, it can appear to be an ineffective marketing tool, but those that have been active on it for years understand how it’s a must-do online marketing component. Here are four ways to help improve your Instagram marketing results.

  1. Focus on consistency and don’t worry about frequency.

The great thing about Instagram is that its feed presents content in a manner which gives each poster 100% of the viewers’ attention, so if the image is compelling enough they will pause for a micro-second while scrolling and see what is being presented to them.

“In order to draw attention, you need to not only have an image that stands out, but you need to consistently be in the feed of your followers. You can’t post sporadically and expect to generate solid results,” says David Sessford, Managing Director of Ready Steady Sell.

Too many people worry about posting at certain times of the day or a certain number of times, but that is all irrelevant if you aren’t going to have a presence every single day. Once you master being consistent you can focus on locking in the best times.

  1. Post Stories because that’s where the attention is.

“If you are not posting Stories, then you are missing out on engagement and very high click-through rates and referral traffic,” suggests Chris Dziak, CEO of Pure Nootropics. “If your account is a business profile and has a minimum of 10,000 followers you can also use the ‘swipe up’ feature which allows you to constantly put offers in front of your followers and allow them to visit that specific offer on your website simply by swiping up on the story.”

You don’t want to go overboard and post offers on every Story post, but you can mix them in. This is a great way to build a relationship with your followers. Ask questions and encourage them to reply via DM. Build enough trust and then they will take you up on your future offers.

  1. Use location tagging in every post.

Location tagging is great for local businesses or brands with multiple locations that want to let those local markets know they exist. Instagram users are known to use the search function heavily, and it’s very easy to locate and then engage with local posts on the app.

“You can also use location tags in areas that you want to market to, which is a great little hack that can expose your business to new followers relatively easy. When you combine location tags with hashtags you can really see your engagement spike,” says Jim Rafferty, CEO of Wabash Power.

You can also target locations that are trending in the news, which is a little growth hack that some companies use to get more eyes on their content. When a location is trending due to a news worthy event, more users are searching that location, giving you a higher probability of being discovered.

  1. Test both video and image content.

When Instagram released the update to allow video content to be posted, many didn’t test it. They wanted likes on their content and not views. Well, now video content is leading the way, as users like to watch the short clips more and if you audit some pages you will see that video content will tend to have much higher engagement rates.

“Instagram’s new IGTV is great for companies that want to really explore the potential on the platform by posting long-form video content for their followers to watch and engage with. While new, it gives you YouTube potential within the hottest social media network,” advises Michael Plaza, CEO of Compare the Financial Markets. IGTV is a great way to inform and educate your audience about the products and services your business offers.