Why We Love Content Marketing

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Content Marketing is constantly evolving with more and more companies jumping on the content bandwagon everyday. With content, it’s a lot easier to engage with your audience and get the word out about your brand, but this isn’t the only reason we love it!


Whether it’s Vine or Youtube, there is a lot of room to creative fantastic content, and there is competition out there. Great videos are a way of distributing content, but people don’t have to take the time and effort to read, only sit back and watch. Video is a lot easier for the consumer to digest rather than blog post after blog post. By 2017, video will count for around 69% of all consumer internet traffic. Not only is video a great way of getting content out there it is also a way to add personality and humour to content easily.

Take note of the 2015 Superbowl ads, my favourite of all was Clash of Clans with Liam Neeson. The advert is relatable to anybody who has seen Taken (so most of us) and shows the game in a humorous way. My other favourite is Coca-Cola #MakeItHappy, and both are brilliant examples of the creativity in marketing.




There is no boundary as to what marketers can create (provided it’s ethical etc) and so there is so many possibilities. Content is in various forms whether it’s video, blogs or podcasts and the content some marketers come up with… Well let’s just say it can be random. But the key here is it’s entertaining, I remember it and I share it with friends, just like most. Marketers are pushing the boundaries a lot like artists, monitoring the changes in their audiences interests.

Being Helpful

Personally, I love helping people out and Content Marketing is a fun way for me to do that. If you satisfy your customers questions via your content, they are ready to buy your products when the need is there. This involves less B2C communication which saves time for you and the customer.


Who doesn’t love a good podcast?! Podcasts can be listened to anywhere at anytime, so you can be doing your housework or going for a run.They are even perfect for listening to in the car, so if you’re a commuter it’s a bonus! Below is a list of the Virally team’s favourite podcasts:

http://www.thesaleslion.com/mad-marketing-podcast/ @TheSalesLion

http://www.thesaleslion.com/hubcast-podcast/ @TheSalesLion

http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/content-inc-podcast/ @JoePulizzi

If you know of anymore great podcasts feel free to comment below or tweet us!

Content Marketing is a way to get creative and do something out of the ordinary as well as generating more leads and getting your brands name out there. It’s all about being helpful and useful for your audience and not just shouting about your product or service. Everything that a brand shares on social networks, websites etc is a form of content marketing. When your own content is done well, this can make a big impact on the size of your audience as people will share it with their friends.

If you have any questions we will do our best to answer it! Comment below or tweet us!