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Terms Of Use

So we’re all on the same page

Last Updated 23rd January 2013

Welcome to Virally, a software suite that helps you to connect with, engage, and analyze your audience within the social web through the user of viral content marketing.

These terms of use are a legally binding contract between you and Virally, located at Fruitworks Coworking, 77 Stour Street, Kent, CT1 2NR, Great Britain.

1. Description Of Product and Services

Virally provides a remotely hosted software suite, offering social media marketing services for marketers and salespeople. Virally offers APIs, community support, customer support, software dashboard, analytics, content delivery networks, landing pages and services, herein referred to as (the “Software Platform”).


2. Registration and Subscription

In order to use the Virally Software Platform, you must provide Virally with certain information to create an Organization Account and/or a User Account. This includes, but may not be limited to, your full name, company name, valid email address, billing details and a password.

You are responsible for keeping your login password safe and secure. Virally keep’s a non-reversible hash of your password, and the only way to recover it is by following our password reset procedure.

By creating an account with Virally, you accept the full Privacy Policy.


3. Pricing and Billing

Virally’s Software Platform is currently being offered complimentary during our Beta testing stages. While the Software Platform is stable for production use, we are actively requesting customer feedback during this period, and therefore are not leveraging any charges against our customers.

Virally reserves the right to remove this complementary access to the Software Platform at anytime, however we will issue 14 days notice to either enter valid billing information or to export your data. We will provide a “forever free” account plan, which may have limitations that restrict your current account usage volume. These may include, but are not limited to, limits on the amount of profiles your account can capture, or active campaigns.


4. Cancellation Policy

Virally Software Platform accounts are currently complementary. To cancel your account you may simply stop using it. We do not currently support any account deletion services, but you may export all of your account data at any time.


5. Customer Support

Virally offers a complementary email support service. Virally offer’s no guarantee, warranty, or service level agreement (“SLA”) with this support during our complimentary period. Emailing any of our support email addresses does not indicate or guarantee a response.

Support terms after Beta period will be updated, based on account plan type.


6. Use Of Community Services

Virally offers a complimentary community support service to compliment the Software Platform, hosted on Virally offer’s no guarantee, warranty or SLA for the availability, reliability or accuracy of these services. As community led programs, the advice within is not the opinion or position of Virally.

Virally holds no liability for any damage to your Virally account or business as a result of using these services or information given within.

You will not post defamatory, explicitly or offensive language while using the community services. You will not attempt to test it’s security. Basically, act as you would if you were speaking with people face to face and we shouldn’t have a problem. Don’t act like an idiot. Be nice.


7. Access to APIs

Virally may provide access to application programming interfaces (“APIs”). You acknowledge and agree that Virally may, in its sole discretion, limit, throttle, suspend or terminate your access to or usage of APIs, or change any of the API specifications, protocols, or methods of access for any or no reason, and Virally will bear no liability for such decisions. It’s your responsibility at all times to backup your data and to be prepared to manage your accounts and conduct your business without access to the APIs.

Virally does not represent or warrant, and specifically disclaims, that any API’s will be available without interruption or without any bugs.

Generally speaking, they are there – but they may not be.


8. Handling User Information

All of Virally’s Terms and Conditions around user information revolve around one simple rule:

User information collected via Virally should be treated morally and ethically.

The most common application of this rule is in the treatment of data after it leaves Virally’s platform, particularly concerning sharing the data with third parties. By using the Software Platform, you agree that sharing user data, that was collected using Virally, with a third party without explicit permission from the user is expressly forbidden. If we receive reports of this practice, we withhold the right to immediately suspend access to your account, including all API applications, without notice, until an investigation. During an investigation, you may be asked to submit evidence to prove you are in full compliance with our data policies. Failing to do so may result in permanent deletion of all data held within your account.

User’s enter into a contract of trust when using Virally, both with you and Virally. Breaking this trust by abusing the data in your possession is not cool, for you or us. Don’t do it.

Virally holds data collected with the Software Platform in a secure, compliant and redundant database network. However we hold no guarantee during our Beta period that this data will always be available. Virally provides no guarantee, warranty or SLA for the access or storage of this data. You should backup your own data often and keep multiple copies.


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