Customer Engagement And It’s Importance

Posted on: May 29, 2018, by :

Customer engagement is one thing I am passionate about.  A lot of companies don’t quite realise the importance of customer engagement and therefore lose out on a lot of leads. Today I’m going to talk to you about why you should start engaging and how to do it.

The Customer Service Bar Has Raised

People can express their opinions freely on social media and there is no restriction on what they say. Quite often people research companies before buying from them and seeing what has been said on social media. When someone says something bad, it is more likely to remembered than when something positive is said. You should reply to your customers politely and try to resolve their problems. Talk to them and not at them, after all they do pay your wages.

Personalize Your Customers Experience

Nobody likes a generic message, change it up a little! Make the effort and type out that reply on Twitter instead of copying and pasting. It’s not really customer engagement unless you well, engage! It might take a little longer to think but it is much more worth it in the long run. Have a bit of banter with your customers, don’t go overboard and offend just lighten up the tone. 

Show Passion In Your Business

Don’t just focus on replying to the negative comments and turning them into satisfied customers. When somebody praises your product or service, thank them! Take pride in the great comments people say about you by replying to them. If they are representing your business in a picture, share it on your feed! Tag the person. It shows off your good reviews and gets your name out there a lot more. When people are mentioned by big companies, quite often they share it on their feed too because lets face it, everybody loves looking good!

Engage With Customers Offline

Where possible, host events for your customers. B2B companies could host networking events and get to know them better. You can achieve better feedback and your customers will feel a lot closer to you than they were before. B2C companies could host events in their stores if applicable. Another way to engage offline is texting. Ask if they want to sign up for text updates on your website, get their interests and group them.

Don’t Be A Robot

Nobody likes talking to people who sound all corporate, in fact, most people won’t even listen! To help with customer engagement you need to add a human feel to your company. Try doing this by talking about work events or by showing us your office. Did you have a nice lunch at a restaurant? Tell everyone! Just don’t do it too much or it distracts from your companies aim. Structure sentences like a normal person talking, be friendly, use smiley faces. But don’t go over board on smileys. Two maximum is okay, lots of smileys consecutively can look a little erm, creepy?

Customer engagement is a big role in marketing and generating more leads. Some companies have demonstrated it exceptionally well like JetBlue. Below is an example of their brilliant customer service.


Notice they are posted ten minutes apart. But this isn’t the only thing that was done amazingly.

JetBlue Customer Engagement

Now I’m not saying that you should go that far, I understand it’s easier for some than it is for others, but it’s a great marketing technique as well as putting a massive grin on somebody’s face. Not only have you just made someone feel special but they are more likely to tell other people about your service and how much they love it (Remember what I said about shares too?) So I hope I have swayed you into focusing on customer engagement a little more than you were before!