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4 Ways to Improve Your Instagram Marketing Results

Instagram just recently surpassed one billion monthly users worldwide, making it the second largest social media network, with only Facebook larger, which is the parent company of Instagram. Businesses that were early adaptors are experiencing wild success using the platform to market, while those late to the party are trying to get a piece of […]

7 Tips for Social Media

Many businesses out there use social media, but aren’t sure on HOW to use it. Social Media for businesses is very difficult, because there’s thousands of competitors out there who are using social media effectively. That is why I’m writing this blog, to help your businesses voice be heard. #1 Don’t spam your followers with […]

Why We Love Content Marketing

Content Marketing is constantly evolving with more and more companies jumping on the content bandwagon everyday. With content, it’s a lot easier to engage with your audience and get the word out about your brand, but this isn’t the only reason we love it! Videos Whether it’s Vine or Youtube, there is a lot of room […]

Customer Engagement And It’s Importance

Customer engagement is one thing I am passionate about.  A lot of companies don’t quite realise the importance of customer engagement and therefore lose out on a lot of leads. Today I’m going to talk to you about why you should start engaging and how to do it. The Customer Service Bar Has Raised People […]

Let’s Talk About C8H11NO2 In Social Media

Have you ever wondered why social media is addictive, why you can’t seem to drag yourself away from scrolling through Facebook? Or maybe why you get that feeling when you get a notification? People aren’t addicted to social media per se, it’s more of an addiction to the dopamine the brain produces every time you […]

7 Tips For…. Getting More Shares On Your Blogs

Building a following on a blog is hard and it is something that people struggle with. We can put so much effort into writing our blogs and creating content you often sit there wondering if there’s a point to it if nobody is reading it. Often, it is the little things that are overlooked, so […]