7 Tips for Social Media

Posted on: May 29, 2018, by :

Many businesses out there use social media, but aren’t sure on HOW to use it. Social Media for businesses is very difficult, because there’s thousands of competitors out there who are using social media effectively. That is why I’m writing this blog, to help your businesses voice be heard.


#1 Don’t spam your followers with useless posts, nobody likes a spammer. Instead find content that will valuable to your potential customers don’t post too much. On Twitter, 5-6 posts a day is enough as they can get lost in the feed whereas Facebook, GooglePlus and LinkedIn I’d say a maximum of two a day.

#2 Share it when most of your potential customers are online. There are apps that can help you with this, my favourites are Hootsuite and Buffer. You can keep track of what sort of tweets were most popular and what times they were. Keep tweaking your marketing strategy to get it right, and keep in mind the different timezones.

#3 Start a conversation. Well, it isn’t called social media for no reason. Start conversations, use hashtags, tag people in posts, just get people talking! Your company will then come up in more feeds and your reach will be much larger. Many people just post, post, post and not thinking about actually interacting with the audience. Have a chat, answer questions, it never hurts to talk.

#4 Don’t talk about yourself. Everybody loves talking about themselves, it’s basic psychology. One post every now and then about your products isn’t a bad thing, but always posting about yourselves is a bore. People want interesting things to read, not to have products thrown in their face.

#5 Pictures! In a busy feed, posts often get lost and don’t have much notice taken of them. That’s why you should post pictures on your tweets, even if it’s just a title of the blog your posting it helps get you noticed. People are more likely to look twice and it does make a difference.

#6 Post your landing pages on your social media accounts, use hashtags, tag people who may be interested in your content. With Virally, we offer the easy option to share after people have downloaded the content.

#7 Be happy! Nobody likes a Debbie Downer, so keep the posts on a happier note rather than focusing on the bad in the world. Be upbeat, bubbly, don’t sound too corporate whilst you are posting. But most of all, find your brand personality.